Technique Spotlight : French Mattress Stitching

So much of traditional upholstery is about stitching techniques, and we’d like to share with you the special process of French mattress stitching.

French Mattress stitched surface, alongside a stitched chair cushionAn age old technique, it was traditionally used to stitch together mattress waddings to create a longer lasting mattress, with beautiful detailing and a distinctive, defined shape. French mattress stitching is characterised by a pinched edge stitch alongside tufted style stitching which goes through the entire body of a cushion. This creates a firm and long lasting cushion by fixing all the soft waddings in place. It also results in a beautiful stitched detail, which can be configured in different patterns. It candidly displays the skilled craftsmanship inherent in these pieces.

Currently, three of the pieces in our collection use the French Mattress stitching technique, the TP Fireside chair, and TP End of Bed Bench, with delicately stitched cushions, and the TP Ottoman, which utilises the technique in a more traditional manner. 

Often the skill and beauty of stitching in upholstery is concealed behind fabric finishes, but with a detail like French mattress stitching it is very much celebrated.

French mattress stitched cushion and a skirted footstool with the most traditional stitching

TP End of Bed Bench - French Mattress stitching