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Lorford Contemporarys own Vintage Cloth collection with fabrics made from salvaged antique hemp - most dating from the nineteenth century - and salavaged linens sourced from the UK & France. These are all hand-dyed in small batches in Gloucestershire using only natural, locally sourced pigments and dyes to achieve beautiful tones - both subtle and bold - that will vary in colour and texture due to the hand-making process.

The range now includes 11 different colours with new shades of Fern Green, Periwinkle Blue & Rose Pink introduced for 2023, joining existing shades of Bone, Buttermilk, Nutmeg, Turmeric, Daffodil, Poppy, Dirty Sage and Indigo. Fabrics can be used across the entire Lorfords Contemporary collection from sofas and armchairs to headboards, laundry boxes and ottomans or can be purchased independently.

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Fabric Details

Our linen and hemp cloth is currently sourced from England, Ireland and France, with only the finest antique fabrics chosen. It is then hand dyed in small batches near our upholstery workshop in The Cotswolds.

The nature of this fabric and the dyeing process means there will be some natural variation in colour and texture. If you are looking for something very specific in terms of fabric weight or weave do let us know and we’ll do our best to find the perfect cloth for you. We have a small number of colour sample sets available to loan, please get in touch today if you would like to view this refined range.

Detailed below is each of our carefully selected colours.

Antique Cloth in periwinkle colourway



Antique Cloth in Fern colourway



Antique Cloth in Dusty Rose colourway

Dusty Rose


Antique Cloth in Buttermilk colourway



Antique Cloth in Nutmeg colourway



Antique Cloth in Turmeric colourway



Antique Cloth in Daffodil colourway



Antique Cloth in Poppy colourway



Antique Cloth in Bone colourway



Antique Cloth in Dirty Sage colourway

Dirty Sage


Antique Cloth in Indigo colourway



Antique Cloth in Indigo colourway



Dirty Sage- Front
Blue Velvet - Front
Fern - Front
Ebury Chair - Front - Side Angle
Indigo - Front
Rose - Front
The Hanover Chair - Standard - Vintage Cloth Poppy - Front Angle
The Kingston Chair and Footstool - Vintage Cloth Buttermilk - Angle Colour
The Langton Chair - Standard - Vintage cloth Turmeric - Styled w timber - Front Angle
The Mayfair Sofa - Standard - Vintage Cloth Nutmeg - Front
The Traditional Elmstead Sofa - Standard - Vintage Cloth Daffodil - Front