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Beautifully designed, responsibly resourced

Luxury doesn’t have to be about excess and unnecessary waste – in fact our furniture has always shared the same principles as the most sustainable products – beautiful design, high quality, responsibly sourced materials and a focus on durability. Our beautiful, timeless furniture is inherently sustainable because it doesn’t go out of fashion and is made to last a lifetime and beyond.

We’ve changed our name to Lorfords Contemporary because we believe that sustainable, handmade, luxury furniture with real provenance is what we and our planet needs right now.

We’ve embraced contemporary natural materials, contemporary thinking and contemporary production techniques and blended them with timeless design to create the antiques of tomorrow. In our book nothing could be more contemporary than sustainable luxury.

Our commitment is to produce furniture with the lightest possible environmental footprint. We’ve still got a long way to go, but we are on a journey towards producing some of the most responsible chairs and sofas on the planet:

  • Our traditional production techniques are inherently sustainable and ethical - and ensure the quality and durability of our products
  • Our frames, components, materials and fabrics are ethically and sustainably sourced
  • Wherever possible we avoid toxic chemicals in our production processes
  • As a UK business, serving (predominantly) UK clients, the environmental impact of shipping and delivery is kept to a minimum
  • Our workshop thrives on sustainable and ethical practice – we like to grow our own craftspeople through apprenticeships, and have even employed generations of the same family.
  • We are, of course, powered by sustainable energy and carefully manage our waste and recycling.

Our commitment to sustainable materials, processes and practices means that we can’t be the cheapest of the premium furniture manufacturers, but our durability and lifetime impact means that the real cost to you, the planet, and the people within our manufacturing process and supply chain is kept to an absolute minimum.