Bespoke luxury sustainable upholstered
furniture hand crafted in England

At Lorfords Contemporary, creating a bespoke sofa, armchair or ottoman is as easy as buying one off the showroom floor. Made to order doesn’t have to be about excess and unnecessary waste – in fact our furniture has always shared the same values as some of the most sustainable products – timeless design, highest level of quality, responsibly sourced materials and always made to last; We strive to deliver through a pursuit of ingenuity , utmost comfort and skilful craftsmanship. Our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, work closely with our in house interior designer to bring to life one of a kind, bespoke pieces, made just for you.

Our traditional upholstery techniques are inherently as sustainable as possible, and ensure the quality, durability and longevity of our products. Because we are designers and makers, we are able to offer customisation at the most refined and detailed level, all within our very own workshop. 

Stage One

The Estimate

Whether it’s a single armchair or supplying a whole collection for a boutique hotel, the process is always the same; communication is essential.  Before providing a price, the design details, quantity of pieces, your budget, sizes and materials required, are all taken into consideration. We will ensure sketches or other necessary means of visual communication are provided early on so you feel confident you will receive the bespoke piece you envisioned. We are there to make suggestions and recommendations every step of the way without compromising your desired outcome. 

Stage Two


Once the order is placed, the process to finalise your design specifications can begin. Working alongside our experienced furniture designer, the design development process is made easy while ensuring you feel confident in our capable hands. We will work together to finalise dimensions, upholstery specifications, comfort levels, fabrics and design details, allowing your bespoke piece to be a true reflection of your needs and wants. 

Stage Three


Once the agreed designs are put into production, our skilled upholsterers will begin making your bespoke pieces. Our studio doors are always open if you wish to visit us to view your order during production as well as meet the maker of your piece. Each piece is made by one upholster from start to finish and our friendly team is always happy to meet our customers. We encourage your involvement during all stages of the curation process, from concept to completion, as we believe honesty and transparency brings the most desirable results.