Natural Evolution: Our eco-conscious bespoke headboards

Our latest headboard collaboration with artist Natasha Hulse marks a major step forward for us as we introduce natural latex foam to our main collection. 

Lorfords Contemporary - Bespoke Hand Construction


We’ve been getting to grips with this eco material in the workshop over the last few months as we recognised that - on our mission to become more sustainable in our production - we needed to change the synthetic foams that we’ve been using previously. Natural latex foam is  considered to be one of the best eco-friendly foams to use at the moment as it’s a 100% natural product made from renewable sources, as well as being fully biodegradable and recyclable. 

The foam itself is produced by using latex sap which is whipped into a foam (with some additional natural additives) and then poured, moulded and baked into a solid foam. Our natural foam is harvested from renewable sources which are monitored and managed responsibly.

It’s taken us a while to find the best supplier for natural foam which provides  luxury comfort as well as durability and we’re now really happy with the quality so are rolling this new material out across our collections. Our aim is to replace all of our synthetic foams with this new alternative.

Lorfords Contemporary x Natasha Hulse - Natural Latex Foam


We’ve also made the decision to honour the traditional upholstery methods for constructing headboards, eliminating all chipboard and MDF and only using solid beech wood frames from FSC certified sources. Then the headboards are webbed and layered with natural latex foam, and each piece can be finished in our naturally dyed Vintage Linen collection or with the customers own material.  


All of our headboards are bespoke so they can be finished in any fabric that you like, but one of our most popular options is our Vintage Linen collection. These fabrics are made from salvaged antique hemp and linens which are sourced from England, Ireland and France. Once the fabrics have been salvaged they are then hand-dyed in small batches in The Cotswolds using only natural dyes. You can find out more about our Vintage Cloth collection here.

You can read more about our approach to sustainability here.