Re-Purposed: Our New Soft Furnishings Collection

Introducing our debut collection of luxury cushions, each individually hand-made using surplus fabric left-overs from completed upholstery designs. Created to help minimise the textile waste from its workshop, this collection offers a range of cushion sizes featuring patterns and colours that constantly evolve, with surplus fabrics re-imagined into beautiful designs for the home that can be enjoyed, instead of going to waste.


Lorfords Contemporary - Repurposed Cushion Collection

Available in over 50 different combinations, the collection offers a range of cushion sizes - informed by the different fabric offcuts that are available - which have been saved by our workshop from sofa, armchair and headboard designs. Patterns and colours will constantly evolve, depending on fabrics which have been chosen for individual orders, and 50% of proceeds from these cushion sales will be donated to a different charity  - selected by our Lorfords Contemporary team - each quarter. 

Lorfords Contemporary Repurposed Cushions Collection

Each cushion is filled with responsibly sourced pure feather and down, and finishing details are added by Lorford Contemporary’s in-house seamstress using trims and piping sourced from sustainable textile brands such as our friends over at Haines.

Our MD, Nasia de la Haye, says - “After analysing and measuring our materials waste in our workshop, we established that one of the biggest areas of non-recyclable waste is the top fabrics that are chosen by our customers for individual designs. Although we use our skilled team to maximise every inch of fabric that we are sent and try to order as little fabric as possible, by the nature of the hand-building upholstery process, surplus is unfortunately inevitable. We have attempted to donate excess fabrics to local charities, material banks and fashion design schools, but we haven’t succeeded in shifting the volumes we produce. A surplus soft furnishing collection is an exciting opportunity for us to stop these fabrics being destined for landfill, re-imagining them into beautiful designs for the home that can be enjoyed, instead of going to waste.”

Lorfords Contemporary Soft Furnishing Collection

Our new collection is now available exclusively to buy here via our sister brand Lorfords Antiques. Prices ranging from £108 - £144 with 50% of proceeds going to a chosen charity.